Due Diligence

At Eden Wealth Management we pride ourselves on our research team’s ability to thoroughly assess the potential benefits and risks of every investment we present to our members. We have developed and refined our due diligence procedures since our incorporation in 2010.

Due diligence methods we employ vary depending on the investment, for direct ownership opportunities a strong focus will be placed on the performance of the local economy as well as recent sold prices. Also our research team will make numerous site visits to assess the condition of the property first hand and make sure there are no issues which could adversely affect a sale.

For development opportunities we place a strong emphasis on legals and making sure the right team is in place to draft stringent contracts that will protect our investors. Then our team will liaise closely with the development company throughout the build process and ensure that all conditions are being met and the build process runs smoothly.

It is of paramount importance that our members do their own due diligence before choosing an investment and our consultants will be at hand to help with any enquiries throughout the decision making process.

Key factors we research

  1. Local Market – We research the local market thoroughly to understand the potential upside and the downside
  2. Yield – The yield must meet our criteria, usually a minimum of 6% per year and strong potential capital growth
  3. Legals – A proficient and skilled legal team must be in place
  4. Developer – The developer must have extensive experience in both the type of build and building within the local area
  5. Exit strategy – The exit strategy must provide a clear route to profit realisation with minimal risk to the investor